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Excellent tips for wearing flower lapel pins

In many circumstances, you always admire to look elegant and charming and to achieve that you need a distinct flower by your side and that is a lapel flower. During an event or a party, you need to have a distinguishing look which everyone will admire, but that is not possible if you don’t have a lapel flower since it was made for that purpose over the years. To ensure you are comfortable at any occasion to make sure you have the right thing by your side. Most will use it to represent their luxurious life, and they are used rarely in life. The way you will wear a flower lapel pin well is something you should know. Therefore, this article explains the key tips on wearing lapel flower pin.

The size and shape of the pin are among the key things to consider. Finding the one that will portray the characteristics you want is hard, but since you need it, you have to be keen on size to protect your general outlook. The only way you can avoid looking clownish in a suit is by finding the right size of the flower lapel pin. This is important because they come in different sizes the small, medium and large sizes hence you need to choose wisely. It would be best to choose the small ones if you are doing it for the first time to avoid frustrations.

How you will place your pin is something you need to know, and many will prefer to place them on the left side. This is a rule and it will best if you follow since you don’t need to look frustrated. Hence ensure the jacket or suit has a right hole that will fit the pin. However, if it was wrongly made by any chance, it is good to spend some time and take it to tailor to fix the problem. Also as you wear make sure it does not go through the fabric wall since this will affect the quality of your suit.

When you should wear a lapel flower is another thing you need to know. Because it represents something special you need to use them correctly. However, you can decide to wear it on any day provided as per your wish, and nobody will question you.

Finally make sure you apply it correctly on your jacket. You need to ensure the pin is well fixed so as if you want to dance you can do it without any challenge. It is good to choose a flower lapel pin that will fit the suit well, and it will not protrude from the outside; also it should not damage the fabric material.

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